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The Best Quality Bakery Shop in Riverside, CA

Since 2014, it’s been the mission of Isabella’s Cupcakes to bring quality, high-end, boutique baked goods and custom desserts to our customers in Riverside. We’d like to take this opportunity to tell you a little bit about ourselves and why Isabella’s is your all-in-one top-tier bake shop in southern California!

close up of sprinkled cupcake from Isabella’s

Specialty and Quality Desserts

When you decide to order your specialty desserts from a boutique bakery, you should expect high-end products that are elevated in flavor, quality, and expert execution. Anyone can go pick up a dozen donuts from their local grocery store, but when you’re looking for a dessert with that “something special,” you can only find it in artisan bakeshops like Isabella’s! From whimsical cupcakes to perfectly baked macarons and scrumptious “grab and go” cakes, there’s something special for everyone at Isabella’s.

grab-n-go triple chocolate cake

Excellent Customer Service

Since Isabella’s is family-owned and operated, we know the value of providing superior customer service. We look forward to getting to know each one of our patrons in the community, and we can’t wait to get on a first-name basis with you! Next to offering quality products, customer service is what makes or breaks a local business, and our business thrives the most effectively through the best promotion — your recommendation to family, friends, and coworkers! If you’re looking for a custom dessert or one of our tried-and-true regular offerings, you can trust Isabella’s to absolutely nail it and deliver an amazing, decadent experience.

Isabella’s Cupcakes & More storefront

Local Business in a Thriving Community

While big, corporate chains have anonymous bigwigs calling the shots, a local business is able to be an active participant in the local community. We love calling Riverside our home, and being able to tweak our dessert offerings to best match the trends, tastes, and desires of our local clientele. Local businesses are part of what gives our community its unique identity, and we love being a part of that endeavor. Local businesses also help to elevate other businesses in the community, since we tend to rely on and support each other. It’s just one more great reason to shop and buy locally!

fresh macarons close-up

High-Quality Homemade Ingredients

Isabella’s Cupcakes & More only uses high-quality ingredients in everything we create, and we do it all in-house. Our team of bakers is passionate about the work that we do, and we strive to bring a level of dedication to our craft that is absolutely second-to-none in Riverside. If you’re looking for a bakery in southern California that will gladly work with you on creating custom orders, listening to your unique needs, and make your dessert dreams come true, look no further than Isabella’s!

If you need some dessert inspiration, we invite you to check out our gallery! You can place an order online today or give us a call, and we’ll get started creating the ultimate dessert experience for you.